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JOBOX – Q & A with “Contractor” and Jerry Gaskill, Jobox Rep

I get good service from my current Knaack distributor. How can I be sure I can receive the same service from Jobox?

Jobox is made in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and they ship in 8 working days. This schedule has been maintained for 5 years.

I feel Knaack makes a very durable box. How does Jobox measure up?:

The lid is reinforced with a full length lid bolster. The lid also has a recessed channel allowing for easy opening, but this recess also provides rigidity and durability.

What about security?

Our chests and piano boxes feature three locking points, vs competitor’s two. This gives 33% more security against prybars. This combined with the fully welded padlock housing makes it impossible to pry the lid open. The hinge is 14 gauge steel 3/8 continuous with 1” knuckles, and is staked with ¼” steel pin (vs 3/16 for competition) that can’t be driven out.

Your skid bolsters look unique. Can you explain?

Many of the features you see have come as a result of input from the end user. In the case of loading and unloading, users have told us that trying to maneuver a fully loaded chest or piano box from a forklift onto a truck is dangerous. So these skid bolsters allow for both front, back or side lifting. The bolsters are heavy duty 7 gauge steel.

What is the florescent orange tab?

If the user notices this, he knows the box is unlocked. So it is an easy check system from a distance. Another idea from the end user!